About Us

Handles & Knobs Direct is undergoing a fresh start. You may have heard of us in the past, but we’ve decided to rebrand our website and renew our product offering.

But why? It gives us a new opportunity to offer great products in a fresh, new format and allowed us to reevaluate & hand-pick which hardware brands we represent. As a general rule, we only offer products that we believe in.

Handles & Knobs Direct is the sister company of Courtyard Architectural Hardware. Over time, we found that “Courtyard” was becoming more and more niche in the style of brands we offered and good quality, off-the-shelf products were becoming less of our regular identity. Handles & Knobs Direct gives us a straight-forward path back to our roots to offer these great brands in a more streamlined format.

If you wish to ask any questions or learn more, then please contact us here.