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Black Locking Peardrop Espag - LH

Black Locking Peardrop Espag - LH


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Our range of Peardrop espagnolettes feature a simplistic design combined with the benefits of a modern and secure configuration.

Overall Length 135mm Handle Length: 112mm Fixing Plate Size: 66mm x 20mm x 6mm

Due to their slim fixing plates, our espagnolettes can be fitted on any type of window including uPVC and timber. Designed to match the products in our Peardrop range.

For ease of use, this handle is hinged which ensures it can be lifted away from the window.

These espagnolettes are handed, so it's important to make sure you choose the correct hand. From the inside looking out, if your window is hinged on the right hand side then a right hand fastener is required and vice versa.

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